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Part C – Medicare Advantage

Medicare Part C plans, or “Medicare Advantage” plans are offered by private insurance companies and they provide all the benefits of Medicare Part A & B. Pricing and additional benefits vary greatly by plan. A Wooten Agency representative can walk you through your options and help you select the plan that is right for you.

What is Medicare Part C?

  • Part C or Medicare Advantage (MA) is health care coverage such as an HMO or PPO offered by private insurance companies.
  • It replaces Original Medicare (Parts A and B).
  • MA is available to those who are enrolled in Part A and B of Medicare, live in the MA plan’s service area, and do not have End-Stage Renal Disease.

What is covered under Medicare Part C?

  • Most MA plans include Part D prescription drug coverage.
  • If you enroll in a MA plan you are responsible for co-pays and/or coinsurance for most services.

What is not covered under Medicare Part C?

  • Members must generally stay within a network of doctors and hospitals. All providers may not be available to members.

How much does Medicare Part C cost?

  • MA plans have a yearly out-of-pocket maximum, excluding drug coverage.
  • Some MA plans have a $0 monthly premium.  Regardless of the MA plan’s premium, you are still responsible for paying your Medicare Part B premium.

How do I join a Medicare Part C plan?

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