Medicare’s Preventive Services

When you enroll in Medicare you will receive the Medicare and You booklet outlining the services that are available to you. A list of Medicare’s preventive services can be found in section 3. We encourage you to use this list to keep track of the services you have received. Medicare provides you with services that… Read more »

2017 Medicare and Income Related Adjustments

For most Medicare eligible people, the Part B premium is $109 (2017). Part D premiums are determined every year during open enrollment.  However, if you are a new Medicare beneficiary, or if your income exceeds the following minimums, you may be required to pay the standard premium amounts listed below. Part B Premium Adjustments In some… Read more »

Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Supplement Rate Changes

If you have a Medicare Supplement through Blue Cross and Blue Shield, you will soon receive a letter notifying you of your new Medicare supplement rate beginning June 1.  What to look for in this letter Your rate adjustment is your yearly change due to overall claims activity within your group, age bracket, or inflation…. Read more »

Getting Help With Prescription Drug Costs

When you become eligible for Medicare, we recommend that you enroll in Part D Prescription Drug coverage. Many Part D plans can help alleviate the costs of your medications; however, we understand that for some people, the cost of a plan, as well as the medication costs can be expensive. Before rejecting a Part D… Read more »

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