Take Your Health Into Your Own Hands With SilverSneakers®

If you have an United Healthcare or Aetna Medicare insurance policy, you could be eligible for SilverSneakers Fitness®, a program designed to help older adults participate, exercise regularly and gain control over their health. A fun and energizing program, SilverSneakers provides members with access to a number of great benefits. What do SilverSneakers Members Receive?… Read more »

Does the Marketplace Affect Me if I’m Covered by Medicare?

Do you have questions about the Marketplace? You’re not alone. Since the Health Insurance Marketplace launched as part of the Affordable Care Act, in October of last year, residents across the United States have had countless questions about the plans. The Affordable Care Act was put in place by the United States Government to help… Read more »

Medicare Open Enrollment Period

October 15th marks the beginning of open enrollment for those with Medicare, and runs through December 7th with coverage starting at the top of 2014. This will be the time to review your coverage, modify or change your plan however you see fit, because it’s also the time when companies release their benefit and premium… Read more »

What You Need to Know about the New Health Insurance Exchange

Starting October 1st of this year, Americans will be able to shop for health insurance coverage through state and national insurance exchanges, as a provision of the Affordable Healthcare Act. When will coverage begin? Coverage will begin January 1st of 2014. But, you’ll only have six months to take advantage. If, by March 31, 2014… Read more »

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