Finding and Enrolling in a 2016 Part D Prescription Plan

If you need a new Part D plan for 2016, our agents are happy to assist you; however, if you would like to navigate the part D program on your own, we hope these instructions will help! Before you begin, make a list of your prescriptions, including dosages, quantities and generic vs brand preferences, then… Read more »

Affording Prescription Drug Plans

When you become eligible for Medicare, we recommend that you enroll in Part D Prescription Drug coverage. Many Part D plans can help alleviate the costs of your medications; however, we understand that for some people, the cost of a plan as well as the medication costs can be expensive. Before rejecting a part D… Read more »

Choosing a Medicare Supplement or a Medicare Advantage Plan

Original Medicare will cover approximately 80% of your medical costs after meeting annual deductible amounts.   This can leave you potentially handling substantial medical expenses with no out-of-pocket spending limits. We recommend considering some form of coverage to alleviate these costs. Both Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage plans can reduce your healthcare costs, but they do… Read more »

Medicare and Income Related Adjustments

For most Medicare eligible people, the Part B premium is $104.90 (2014.) Part D premiums are determined every year during open enrollment.  However, you may be required to pay more for these premiums based on your income. Part B Premium Adjustments In some cases, you may pay more than the standard Part B premium if… Read more »

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