How Do I Know if I’m Eligible for a Health Insurance Subsidy?

Health Insurance Subsidy Information When the Affordable Care Act began to take effect in 2010, it brought many changes to the landscape of healthcare in the United States. Perhaps the largest change among those was the mandate that requires all US citizens (with a few exceptions) to have health insurance. Though many people receive health… Read more »

Understanding Essential Health Benefits

What Will My Health Insurance Cover? Beginning in 2014, the Affordable Care Act required that health insurance plans, inside and outside of the government’s Health Insurance Marketplace, cover a number of different health-related categories known as essential health benefits. These plans must cover ten areas of service Essential health benefits include: 1. Ambulatory patient services… Read more »

Does the Marketplace Affect Me if I’m Covered by Medicare?

Do you have questions about the Marketplace? You’re not alone. Since the Health Insurance Marketplace launched as part of the Affordable Care Act, in October of last year, residents across the United States have had countless questions about the plans. The Affordable Care Act was put in place by the United States Government to help… Read more »

What You Need to Know about the New Health Insurance Exchange

Starting October 1st of this year, Americans will be able to shop for health insurance coverage through state and national insurance exchanges, as a provision of the Affordable Healthcare Act. When will coverage begin? Coverage will begin January 1st of 2014. But, you’ll only have six months to take advantage. If, by March 31, 2014… Read more »

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