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Thank you to all of our customers who turned to us during 2015’s Annual Open Enrollment period. From navigating the Affordable Care Act plans and the Healthcare Marketplace to finding a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan, we understand how overwhelming this time of year can be. We hope that we were able to lend the support… Read more »

Short Term Health Insurance

While the ACA has afforded many Americans the opportunity to purchase health insurance, you may find yourself in a position where you are currently ineligible to sign up for an ACA plan, but are still feeling like you need some level of health coverage. Short Term Health Insurance (STI) is not a substitute for an… Read more »

Did You Miss Open Enrollment? Get Coverage By April 30th.

There may be a silver lining in tax season, yet. The federal government recently announced a special enrollment period for the estimated 6 million Americans who may face a tax penalty this year. If you read our most recent blog post, you may remember that special enrollment periods allow individuals to sign up for healthcare… Read more »

Understanding Qualifying Life Events

Can I purchase insurance if I missed open enrollment? One of the most common questions we receive as North Carolina health insurance agents, is from people who need to purchase health insurance outside of the open enrollment period. Many customers call or email us wondering if they are still able to purchase health insurance if they’ve… Read more »

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