Medicare Advantage Annual Enrollment

Medicare Annual Enrollment begins October 15th and closes December 7th. If you have a Medicare Advantage Plan (MA) you may change to another MA plan. Or, you can enroll in a Medicare Supplement with a Part D Prescription Drug plan during this time.

Watch Your Mail

By now, you should have received your renewal packet or Annual Notice of Change (ANOC) highlighting your 2017 costs and benefits. Please review these carefully and check your plan’s formulary for drug copay information, and to ensure that your medications will continue to be covered.

If you choose to remain enrolled in your current MA plan, you do not need to do anything – you will be automatically enrolled for 2017. If you are considering a switch to a different plan, please contact us. We are certified to sell with multiple carriers.

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Client Testimonials

Medicare Advantage Annual Enrollment | The Wooten Agency

  • "This is a family-owned business who cares about their potential clients. I was looking for help with health insurance and even though it turns out I don't need new health insurance at this time, I feel compelled to write a review because of how thorough Brendan was. He was very knowledgeable and easy-going. He didn't seem pushy at all and listened to everything I had to say. He made sure he was getting all the information correct. I would recommend this agency for any insurance needs." - Doug C.
  • "I sought help from Wooten Agency; Ed, along with Nancy, took the bull by the horns and sorted things out for us very quickly. Shortly thereafter Ginny took over. She is definitely most qualified as a plan selector for Medicare plans and issues related to Medicare. My appreciation to Crystal for the gracious way she always responds to telephone calls and makes every effort to ensure one is not forgotten. And Dana....the one contact we had was enough to find out you are similarly inclined to help a client." - Frank V.
  • "You [Aaron] have been so helpful, and you have all taken a personal interest in my individual and specific questions in order to make the best insurance choices for my needs. Thank you all! I look forward to working together in the future months and years." - Susan H.
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