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Health Insurance Checklist for Individuals Under 65 and Their Families

As we get closer to implementing the upcoming  provisions of the Affordable Care Act, it is important to know there are things you can do now to get ready to purchase insurance.

Here is a list of  “7 things you can do to get ready now” from the HealthCare.gov website.

1. Learn about different types of health insurance.  Through the Marketplace, you’ll be able to choose a health plan that gives you the right balance of costs and coverage.

2.  Make a list of questions you have before it’s time to choose your health plan. For example, “Can I stay with my current doctor” or “Will this plan cover my health costs when I’m traveling?”

3.  Make sure you understand how insurance works, including deductibles, out-of-pocket maximums, copayments, etc.  You will want to consider these details while you are shopping around.

4.  Start gathering basic information about your household income. Most people will qualify to get a break on costs, and you will need income information to find out how much you are eligible for.

5.  Set your budget.  There will be different types of health plans to meet a variety of needs and budgets, and breaking them down by cost can help narrow your choices.

6.  Find out from your employer whether they plan to offer health insurance, especially if you work for a small business. 

7.  Explore current options.  You may be able to get help with insurance now, through existing programs or changes that are in effect already from the new health care law.


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